I believe that to dissolve -- to become fluid -- is how solution and resolve are found. I believe that a voice can be heard without words. I believe in tangible, touchable layers of thick paint that twist truth into a quick glimpse of unique acknowledgment.

*dissolve [v]: a: to become fluid : melt b: to pass into solution d: to resolve itself as if by dissolution to clear up {dissolve a problem} c: to be overcome emotionally {dissolved into tears}

**dissolvism [n]: date: 2008 :a style of art that stresses the abstract dissolution of depicted objects {Britt Freda}

*source: Merriam-Webster °Splashing Silver - SOLDDrift Boat°Inky Steelhead - SOLD°Three Steelhead - SOLD°Brown Trout 1 - SOLD°Steelhead in Silver - SOLD°Brown Trout 2 - SOLD°"O" - SOLD°North Vashon Island - SOLD°Big Wave - SOLDThree Greenback CutthroatSteelhead Salmon