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INTERDEPENDENCE is you and me and those round little birds over there hanging upside down from old sunflower stocks each of us full of hope and seeds of potential and shared lust for that brilliant warm sunlight. INTERDEPENDENCE is salmon and undisturbed spawning beds and, “bravo, thank you,” cleaner watersheds in part because you and you chose a few yellow sunny dandelions over neonics and chemical fertilizers. INTERDEPENDENCE is that young orca spiraling under its mother’s shadow into the spears and shards of sun lines up into the crashing spray  of the raucous pod simply, simply, simply for joy. INTERDEPENDENCE was you breaking up with plastic.  That was a hard, messy one, right?   Around every corner, on every shelf, in the closets, following you everywhere. Stalker-like.  Creepy! Then even once it was over— it isn’t really over. Stay true to your heart, darlin’, no matter how convenient, it isn't a sustainable relationship...
I hope each of us asks this question often: what is environmental impact?  And what is my environmental impact? Sometimes, my subjects are endangered species and extinction. Sometimes they are about climate change. Sometimes I focus my gaze on bees or social (in)equality and education. And sometimes environmental impact is, intimately, about the landscapes of internal darkness, that which is hidden underneath: vulnerability, fragility, fear, trauma, uncertainty, loss, humanity, courage, connection and love—of place, of animals, of self, of people we care about.   Environmental impact is melting icecaps and hugging a tender-hearted, teary child.  Environmental impact is prioritizing the people you love with kisses and fat hugs and prioritizing voting and recycling and consuming conscientiously.  Environmental impact is renewable energy: the sun, wind and water.  ALSO RENEWABLE ENERGY is: love, laughter, inclusion, compassion and education. 

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© Britt Freda. FolioLink © Kodexio ™ 2020
© Britt Freda. FolioLink © Kodexio ™ 2020