This series is about the places we live and where we call home. It is a contemplation about the comforting familiarity of place in whatever shell or armor one finds themselves encased in. 

“This House Has…” is meant to read like a real estate listing.  It is a series of beetles with shiny hard shells, their houses are advertised as being adorned with… “Custom Forged Iron,” “A Copper Roof,” “Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware” and “Exterior Architectural Paint.”


Lobster II
•Lobster 1 - SOLD
ºArchitectural Exterior Paint - SOLD
ºCustom Forged Iron - SOLD
ºA Copper Roof - SOLD
ºOil Rubbed Bronze Hardware - SOLD
New House?
•Cairn II: When Less Is More-SOLD
ºHouse Studio Seeds - SOLD
ºHoney Swing - SOLD
Alice Ran
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