This body of work is about conceptual seeds and the ancient practice of stacking stones as markers. It is about sowing and growing ideas. It is about asking questions and listening. It is about finding paths. It is about pollinating and propagating old wisdom with new life.

I am happy when I am able to dig with my fingers and toes in the silence of dirt. I am happier still when seeds, full of promise and potential, are held in the small hands of my children as they are laid to life under fertile soil.

Cairn I: Really, is this where I am supposed to be?
Cairn IV: Pleiades
•Cairn II: When Less Is More-SOLD
Cairn III: B's of Bygone?
•B's Seeds-SOLD
Things That Sting:
•Will There Bee?-SOLD
What Now?
•If Seeds Have Memory - SOLD
•Time Line-SOLD
Into The Whole
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