HOOVES is series of paintings is about "soul roots", the simple sweetness of milk, tending wild things and the question of whether your soul know soil tilled with your toes?
Milking Wisdom:
Cairn III: B's of Bygone?
•100% Merino Wool - SOLD
How Now Oily Brown
...where light leans into shadow
•Do fallen leaves sound different to numbered asses?-SOLD
°Three O's - SOLD
°doyoustillkeepaplacewherewildruns? - SOLD
°Raw Milk - SOLD
Soul Roots
•Blue Is The Mother -SOLD
•...The day's dusk reds-SOLD
°Question who's brave and who's chicken? -SOLD
°Sublime Sunshine Bovine Calves...- SOLD
•Circuitous Lines from Mothers to Daughters - SOLD
•howdoyourbuttercupsgrow?- SOLD
°Brown Eyed Calf - SOLD
New Seeds Old Tractor
°Wool Poppies - SOLD
°Two Kids - SOLD
°Three Spotted Lambs - SOLD
Fallen Horse
ºLos Caballos - SOLD
ºToward Dawn - SOLD
ºNamaste - SOLD
El Salto Horses
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