In this collection discover wide eyed owls, dragonflys and the shimmering particles that fall from the wings of dusty moths.  In its creation I considered feathers and flight, migrations and metamorphosis.  And played with puzzles like the moths that must disolve their silk houses to be able to fly.  Think about that. 
•One Bird-SOLD
•Three Birds-SOLD
•Fly: Barred Owl and Amelia Earhart
*•Luminous Barn-SOLD
*•Great Horned Owl-SOLD
•5 Owls Indivisible-SOLD
•The Night We Watched Owls-SOLD
•Snowy Owl-SOLD
•I Listen Fiercely For You Too-SOLD
•Three Barn Owls-SOLD
•Layers: Spotted Owl - SOLD
•"If the world were…-SOLD
•In a Dream:-SOLD
•Flawrz, Numdrz, Moonz, Sun-SOLD
•Snowy Owl-SOLD
•LeClair Owls-SOLD
•Spotted Owl, study-SOLD
•Tangled Circles-SOLD
°Geese - SOLD
°Migration - SOLD
•Only After Leaving Home Could They… - SOLD
Sometimes Under The Wings of Moths There is Light
ºIn Order To Fly They Dissolve Their Silk Houses - SOLD
ºIf I Could Fly To You Here... - SOLD
°Dragon, fly in gold - SOLD
ºFly in Silver Dragon - SOLD
ºCrane Fly - SOLD
•Fly Away: I Will Not Chase You - SOLD
°Gold Beetle - SOLD
°Great Sparrow Campaign - SOLD
°Kill A Sparrow - SOLD
°Wren - SOLD
°Sparrows Five - SOLD
°Two Red Sparrows - SOLD
•Baja Raven - SOLD
°Pair of Crows - SOLD
°Golden Crow - SOLD
°White Crow Farm- SOLD
°Peace Wears Camo - SOLD
•Metamorphosis in Yellow-SOLD
•Metamorphosis in Blue-SOLD
•Mariposa - SOLD
ºb.3 - SOLD
ºRemember to Plant Seeds For Bees - SOLD
ºPollinating The Jewels of The Queen's Tender Rein - SOLD
•Cairn IV: Pleiades
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