These paintings are about migrations, transitions and life cycles. They are about remembering history and seeing the lineages created, for better and for worse. They are about asking questions and listening to what drips from the wings of things that feed us.

Some of my favorite images are of common, dusty moths that, in the process of metamorphosis, have to dissolve their silk houses in order to be able to fly.

Only After Leaving Home Could They...
Sometimes Under The Wings of Moths There is Light
ºIn Order To Fly They Dissolve Their Silk Houses - SOLD
ºIf I Could Fly To You Here... - SOLD
°Dragon, fly in gold - SOLD
ºFly in Silver Dragon - SOLD
ºCrane Fly - SOLD
•Fly Away: I Will Not Chase You - SOLD
°Gold Beetle - SOLD
°Geese - SOLD
°Migration - SOLD
°Great Sparrow Campaign - SOLD
°Kill A Sparrow - SOLD
°Wren - SOLD
°Sparrows Five - SOLD
°Two Red Sparrows - SOLD
°Golden Crow - SOLD
°White Crow Farm- SOLD
°Pair of Crows - SOLD
°Peace Wears Camo - SOLD
•Metamorphosis in Yellow-SOLD
•Metamorphosis in Blue-SOLD
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