I _ _ v _  puzzles.
Spell evol-ve backwards.
I love patterns
and love letters
and language
with its big tongue. 

Love evol-ution
and growth- 
even though its arduous.
Sometimes so is love.

Love curiously!
Love patiently.
Love compassionately.
Love tender (ly)-
be one and do it.

Love sees.
Love listens.
Love nourishes.
(if it doesn't 
its not good love).

Love trust-
even though
its hard.

Giraffes have the largest hearts of any animal on land. They, too, are endangered.  We are moved to action, to endure the challenges of change, to muster courage... 
(love language).  

To address environmental impact, at home, in the kitchen or the bedroom or on our planet we must bring our big hearts, our big love.
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