Year of the Cock (solo show)
Giacobbe-Fritz Fine Art
Santa Fe, NM
June 9, 2017


I like organic circles.  You can see them in my paintings.  Circles and cycles, overlapping and connected, cellular and celestial, this year the rooster returns.  A full cycle in the Chinese Zodiac later, my rooster is turning 12 years old. Like his sign he is independent, capable, confident, clever and still fiercely energetic.  Sometimes he’s even cocky.  During this past 12 year cycle, inspired by, and conscious of, my children I’ve gazed outward painting about endangered species, contemplating global warming and complexities of unsustainable relationships in our world.  The return of the rooster brings my awareness back to the farm where we live, back to the common barnyard chickens that provide us with the most delicately colored shells and the everyday surprise of rich orange-yoked eggs that nourish us.  The return of the rooster brings my focus back to the baby kid goats joyfully bounding through the pasture.  The return of the rooster circles back around the bees that pollinate our fruit trees and make the sweetest honey.  Loudly the rooster crows and we are reminded to reconnect with loyalty, hard work and family.

Love Trust
Love Curiously
Love Nourishes
Love Dreams
Love Listens
Love Sees
•Love Tender (ly)-SOLD
First, The Chicken? 2017
Or The Egg? 2017
Flight of Wisdom
•Long Eared Owl- SOLD
Flight of Peace, 2017
•Belgian d'Uccle-SOLD
Silver Sebright, 2017
•Raven - SOLD
•Mountain Lion - SOLD
•Metamorphosis - SOLD
La Vaca de La Ribera
•7 Black Capped Chicadees- SOLD
•Three Snowy Owls-SOLD
•Love 1-SOLD
Girl with Mandoline, 2017
Girl with Double Bass, 2017
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