Largely influenced by a lifelong fascination, awe and love for the natural world my paintings are simultaneously overlaid by a deep personal concern regarding human impact on natural and social environments. Beneath an image or surface of paint I include etched words or illegible narrative as well as pieces of collaged layers from my childrens’ drawings or newspaper articles, seed pods or notes of poetry. While my paintings most often visually reference seeds, plants, bees, birds, bovine, equine and/or human figures, I am most drawn to the patterns, scratches, drips and dirt of the understories exposed in the layers of a dissolving image, and thus dissolving notion of what a mind has preconceived. Dis-solved interconnectedness is revealed and we are reminded that we are indivisible from our natural environment or from each other.

Guardians: #bringbackourgirls
Ivory Tower, African Elephants
Dreaming of Mei: Asian Elephant
Black and White: Rhinos
Taos Pueblo Girl and American Buffalo
Bighorn Sheep
Burying Beetle
Ode To Joy: Orca
Himalayan Moon Bear
Whooping Crane
Steelhead Salmon
Ursus Horribilis, Grizzly Bear
•Western Black Rhino (extinct)-SOLD
•Mexican Gray Wolf - SOLD
•Polar Bear - SOLD
Sumatran Elephants
Snow Leopard
Ursus Horribilis, Study
Steller Sea Lions
Spotted Owl Pair
•Honey Bee - SOLD
Red Backed Poison Dart Frog
•Monarch Butterflies - SOLD
Leatherback Sea Turtle
California Condor
•Spotted Owl - SOLD
•Asian Elephant - SOLD
•White Elephant-SOLD
•Mama African Elephant and Babe - SOLD
•Three Greenback Cutthroat- SOLD
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