I am enamored by the ancient sweetness of honey, fanned by tireless buzzing females, created from the nectars collected from the places where I walk.

The natural world is bountiful—a "land flowing with milk and honey" —and resilient, but pushed out of balance essential components of our ecosystem are collapsing. May we not lose focus on the complex, cyclical simplicity of that which feeds us—body, mind and soul.

Pollination of Words
Golden Fete
•Gold Armor-SOLD
Sweet Affair
Bid Adieu
•Alluring Wings-SOLD
•S Bees-SOLD
ºField of Gold - SOLD
Slit in the Veil
ºBee Seeds - SOLD
ºb.3 - SOLD
ºRemember to Plant Seeds For Bees - SOLD
ºPollinating The Jewels of The Queen's Tender Rein - SOLD
•Honey Hole-SOLD
•Bee Line-SOLD
°Remembering Sweetness- SOLD
°If Bee Wings Were Made of Petals...- SOLD
°Imagine?- SOLD
°Buzz because there was... and is! - SOLD
°Bees Be - SOLD
°To Be Or Not To Bee? -SOLD
°Who You Be? - SOLD
°"Honey" said she "just bee!" - SOLD
ºDead Bee - SOLD
°Save Native Bees - SOLD
°Gilded Graphite - SOLD
°Fragile Wings - SOLD
°BIG BEE, little bee - SOLD
°Bee on White Dhalia - SOLD
°Bee Unraveling - SOLD
°Honeycomb - SOLD
°Pollen Drunk - SOLD
°Young and Old - SOLD
AB I: Into
Slit in the Veil
•AB IV: Red Light - SOLD
•AB V: Anatomy - SOLD
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