October 11th, was the International Day of the Girl and two days later on October 13, 2016, twenty one of the Chibok girls, kidnapped in April of 2014 for going to school, have been released.


These paintings are about girls and women. They are about the relationships girls and women cultivate with the environment, within their communities, and within their own families. They are about equal opportunity to a quality education. They are about empowering us all to be able to reach our full potential.

Artemis and the Bees Hunt for the Colony Killers
Bicycle: Girl in Red
•Metamorphosis of a Girl - SOLD
•The Sky's Cloth-SOLD
•G. Commission - SOLD
•"A Woman is Sexy... not a dress" (Armi Ratia 1958)-SOLD
•Unraveled By Butterflies-SOLD
•Seeds Planted-SOLD
Dream Seeds:
To My Girl:
•Sow Hope - SOLD
•To My Boy-SOLD
•Walking Away?-SOLD
Painted Pablo
Song of Despair
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