artist thoughts •

Largely influenced by a lifelong fascination, awe and reverence for the natural world Britt Freda’s paintings “ask us to travel not only the roads we see but the ones we’ve lost along the way.” (Michele Corriel, Art & Architecture, 2014). Freda's subjects, rooted in realism, are regularly imbedded with words, statistics, poems, maps or seedpods and layered by a surface of abstracted patterns referential of environmental elements. “I am visually and conceptually drawn to the scratches, drips and dirt of the understories exposed in the comforting repetition of patterned layers. These layers of story dis-solve the subject, and thus dissolve notions of what a mind has preconceived. Then, we can see things anew.” Past paintings of bees, owls, the notion of home and her children led the artist into her current series on endangered species. Freda says, “by revealing hints of the messy and complicated stories beneath the beauty, we are reminded that we are indivisible from our natural environment or, ultimately, from each other.”