artist thoughts •

My current body of work is about conceptual seeds. It is about sowing and growing ideas. It is about asking questions and listening. It is about pollinating and propagating old wisdom with new life. It is about traditions and lineage and heirlooms—in families as well as in our natural environment.

I am happy when I am able to dig with my fingers and toes in the silence of dirt. I am happier still when seeds, full of promise and potential, are held in the small hands of my children as they are laid to life under fertile soil. I am enamored by the ancient sweetness of honey, fanned by tireless buzzing females, created from the nectars collected from the places where I walk. I believe in the intimacy of nourishing people with the abundance that came from a warm patch of dirt I have tended or the chickens raised by our friends or the fish caught by people, young and not so, whom I love more than I ever thought it possible.

I am a woman and a mother and a daughter. I am a spouse and a sister. I am a teacher and a student. When I find myself still and present I am awestruck by the brilliance of the natural process of things surrounding me, full of life and regeneration and balance. And when I listen to the hum of collective voices from around the world, I am scared by the other shade of potential. I am a listener and a voice and one who sows seeds. I am a believer of hope.

What do you believe it means to feed a body, a mind, a soul? Write to me. Tell me.