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I hope each of us asks this question often: what is environmental impact?  And what is my environmental impact? Sometimes, my subjects are endangered species and extinction. Sometimes they are about climate change. Sometimes I focus my gaze on bees or social (in)equality and education. And sometimes environmental impact is, intimately, about the landscapes of internal darkness, that which is hidden underneath: vulnerability, fragility, fear, trauma, uncertainty, loss, humanity, courage, connection and love—of place, of animals, of self, of people we care about.   Environmental impact is melting icecaps and hugging a tender-hearted, teary child.  Environmental impact is prioritizing the people you love with kisses and fat hugs and prioritizing voting and recycling and consuming conscientiously.  Environmental impact is renewable energy: the sun, wind and water.  ALSO RENEWABLE ENERGY is: love, laughter, inclusion, compassion and education. 


As a contemporary painter focused on environmental impact, endangered species and social equality issues, I am interested in the social impact of art.  Art inspires, and cultivates innovation and science.  And, circuitously, science and innovation inspire art.  As we build our future it is essential that we design from a foundation where compassion, science, innovation and art intersect.  Why art? Our attraction to beauty is part of our humanity.  It connects us.  Beauty can restore dignity and hope.  Art has the power to unite.  When wielded well, art reaches inside, beyond words or explanations or cerebral data points. Inside, felt by the gut or the heart,beauty reaches beyond race or gender or socioeconomics or orientation or religion or politics.  From a visceral, emotional place, art inspires people to care. Only when people care, when they feel emotionally connected, are they compelled to question, to learn, to grow, to change, to take action. 


“What if sex was holy and war was obscene.  And it wasn’t twisted, what a wonderful dream” – Alicia Keys, Holy War.  In a time of warring ideas, sexism, racism, fascism, ism, ism, ism… in a time of historical mass exodus, the ever present threat of nuclear war, the temperamental wrath of climate change and extensions I, like so many, wonder what the heck is the antidote, the ballast? When I talk or write about my paintings, from my lightly used soapbox for introverts, I fervently espouse that it is essential to compel a person to love something before they’ll risk what it takes to defend it. If you are familiar with my work, you know I’ve devoted many, many years (wearing: the Lorax superhero costume under my clothes) focusing on endangered species as well as threatened environments and beings. 

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© Britt Freda. FolioLink © Kodexio ™ 2019
© Britt Freda. FolioLink © Kodexio ™ 2019